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651 N. Broad St. Suite 206, Middletown. DE 19709
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Starters Capital Marketing
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Starters Capital Marketing Inc can Help Pivot Your Business in Times of Need

Starters Capital Marketing, an online public relations and marketing firm based in Trinidad & Tobago with clients spread all over the globe, has developed a new service to support businesses needing to urgently change direction or pivot as a result of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the global pandemic.


Middletown, DE – With the ongoing issues surround the global pandemic, many businesses have been faced with the prospect of closing their doors, and have therefore decided that in order to survive they must relocate their entire operations online.  At Starters Capital Marketing, they have recognized the challenging times and dedicated themselves to aiding these businesses.

Starters Capital Marketing recently announced the launch of a number of free and low-cost services aimed at helping these businesses. Starters Capital Marketing's fast track website development is the perfect solution for businesses that are facing difficult situations related to the various stay at home and social distancing protocols many governments have instituted to deal with the pandemic.

During this period of economic slowdown and the ongoing peripheral effects, many businesses are searching for ways to pivot their business models. Chief among these strategies has been the targeting of new revenue streams in an effort to mitigate the impact of the financial crisis.

Fast track website development offers businesses you a viable option to not only see them through hard times, but also to continue to position and support the business as the pace of the economy picks back up again after the crisis. 

Businesses can use the fast track website development solution offered by Starters Capital Marketing to change direction quite quickly, whether that means focusing on a new niche or developing entirely new areas. And businesses with brick and mortar operations can use it as a way of sourcing new business by switching to an online channel.

The fast track website product includes the development of one templated website, which means that all the content and images must be aligned with the preexisting layout. Once Starters Capital Marketing has all the information they need to build out the website, they will develop it in a live environment and then confirm the production using their normal development and communication process. 

Once the business has confirmed that the website is okay, the team at Starters Capital Marketing will undertake one round of cleanup after communication with the client. It's important to note that this is not a redesign of the website, but simply a cleanup of what was in the initial brief.

Since the fast track product is intended to be an economical solution designed for completion in one week, and in the interest of getting the business operating as soon as possible, nothing outside the scope of the initial brief will be included. It is also very important to note that this product is not intended to be a modification of an old domain, but must be built on a fresh, new domain.

So, if you need advice on running your business from home, get a free consultation by contacting Starters Capital Marketing today.

About the Company: We Are Experienced Digital Marketers. Starters Capital Marketing Inc is one of the leading PR and marketing companies that specializes in delivering affordable and comprehensive pr and online SEO marketing solutions to clients across The United States, The Caribbean, Canada, and Australia.

Press Contact:

Name: Reynord Stoute

Address: 651 N. Broad St. Suite 206, Middletown, DE 19709

Phone:+1 (302) 525-2501


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