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Report created on May 12th, 2020

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Web Copy Strategy

Our highly trained team will execute our winning strategy tailored to your package type. Everything in our process is designed to help you stand out from your competition and rank in Google.

1Content Research

We research your page, your competitors, and craft the perfect strategy for you.


If you selected Optimization, we create unique, optimized titles, descriptions, and more to make sure your page is optimized.

3Content Creation

If you selected the content option, we will create new web copy for your page to help maximize your ranking potential.

Pages List

Below you will find an in-depth report of your web copy and optimization.

Total Pages Optimized
Page 1 URL - Service Page



Suggested keywords to target based on volume and relevancy. Your target keyword is chosen using a method that combines all ranking factors for best outcome. Related keywords should be used as desired.

Ranking Keywords

Here's a list of some of your current top ranking keywords.

Targeted Keywords
IT products
Related Keywords
hardware and software, electronics parts, electronics components, buy electronics, electronics catalog, electronics accessories, computing electronics, it distributors, technology distributors, software distributor, technology distribution, computer supplies

Page Recommendations

Below are the recommendations that you approved.

Page Title

Page title appears on the top of the web page. You can update this using the <title> tag or in the page title field in your content management system.

Current Title
Recommended Title
IT Products and More at Unbeatable Prices | TechNow
Meta Descriptions

The meta description will show up on the search engine result page. You will update this using the <meta> tag or in the meta description field in your content management system. We recommend using Yoast for the title and description.

Current Meta
Recommended Meta
Browse our IT products catalog like desktops, notebooks, tablets, and more. Name brands, discount pricing. Talk with our tech expert distributors today!

Suggested headings for your page. In some cases, we suggetst updating or replacing existing headings.

Current H1
Recommended H1
IT Products, Software and Hardware at Affordable Prices
Alt Image Text/File Name

On each page, for any specific image on that page, we may suggest alt image text or file names. These are used to further support the strength of your targeted keyword. Each image should include related or exact match keywords for the page.

Recommended Alt Image Text/File Name
N/A (but when selecting a hero image - it could become "An example of some of the name-brand IT products from our extensive tech distribution and reseller catalog")