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ThinkTrend: The #1 Fashion Marketplace for Designer Products

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Looking to make some money or find an amazing deal on designer products? ThinkTrend is the best place to shop and sell high-end designer clothes and accessories.

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ThinkTrend: The #1 Authentic Fashion Marketplace  

Looking to declutter your closet, make some money, or find an amazing deal on designer products? ThinkTrend is the best place to shop and sell high-end designer clothes and accessories.


Shop The Real Deal

Are you looking to buy designer brand clothing at a reasonable price? Well, look no further. Snatch up the trendiest fashions from high-end designers at a fraction of the cost with ThinkTrend. Our team validates every high-end designer piece, so you know you’re getting the real deal instead of getting stuck with a fake. Save your wallet and feel good about snatching up bargains by shopping with us.

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Sell And Earn 

Declutter your closet and get paid for it. It’s easy to sell your trendy fashion pieces and earn some dough on ThinkTrend. Use your earnings to generate a credit to buy that blouse you’ve been eyeing on our site, or get your earnings deposited straight into your bank account. Check out what items we accept and our easy 3-step process.

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The ThinkTrend Promise

We validate everything you see in our online store. We understand how frustrating it can be to get really excited about a great deal on a designer dress or jeans, only to find out later you’re wearing a fake. That’s why every high-end designer clothing or accessory that we receive goes through a rigorous validation process. If you suspect we made a mistake, you get your money back.

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How It Works

Join our active community of fashion sellers and buyers. Get inspired, earn some money, and snag the trendiest pieces at a fraction of the price. It’s easy to get started! 

Selling Made Easy

When you sell on ThinkTrend, you create a fashion empire of your own. Set up a personal profile, create your virtual closet, and you’re in business! 

  • Snap a photo of the clothing or accessory you’d like to sell and upload it to your virtual closet directly from your phone to the ThinkTrend app
  • Shout out to everyone in our community about your listed item by sharing photos from your virtual closet
  • You’ll know when the item sells and it’s time to ship it. First, congratulations, you’ve made a sale! Second, don’t worry about shipping costs. We’ll send you a prepaid shipping label with the address of the buyer. Just print, package the item, and drop off at your nearest US Post Office. 
  • As for your earnings - turn it into ThinkTrend credit, send it as a gift card to your best friend, or deposit the money directly into your checking account. 

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Buy With Confidence

When you shop on ThinkTrend, you’re accessing carefully-curated clothing and accessories. All luxury items go through a rigorous validation process, so you never second-guess your purchase. Download the free ThinkTrend app to keep an eye on the best new deals, no matter where you are!

  • Download the free ThinkTrend app and discover new items right from your phone
  • Customize your alerts to send you notifications for a specific designer brand or anything else you're on the lookout for
  • Share items you’re interested in and get feedback. We even have stylists among us who can provide some professional advice. 
  • Place your order and receive your items within 3 days with Priority Mail shipping
  • Rock your new style! 

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About ThinkTrend

We offer quality over quantity. Our sellers sell only the top brands and our shoppers get them at up to 75% off retail price. We authenticate every luxury item on our site and triple-check the quality of everything else, so our shoppers get the best quality second-hand item and never wear a knockoff.

As a seller, we work with you to sell your items fast, so you can make that cash for your next wish list item. With our free ThinkTrend app, you’re always part of a fashion community that’s there to sell and shop with and even get styling advice. Our quality wear includes popular brand and luxury wear for women and men, handpicked and vetted by our stylist experts.  

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We Love Our Sellers And Buyers

And they love us! See what they’re saying about ThinkTrend

“In a year of selling on ThinkTrend, I’ve sold over 200 items. The online community is amazing, and the best part is having other women (and men) come to me for styling advice.”

“Love shopping on ThinkTrend. I set alerts for the latest listings of anything Coach, and have snagged some sweet deals that would’ve taken me months to find elsewhere. The selection of brands is top-notch.”

Ready to Sell or Buy?

Sign up today to sell or shop with a close-knit community of fashionistas from around the world.

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How does your authentication process work?

Making sure you get the real deal is most important to us. We have a special team to validate all high-end designer items. This group of authenticators is trained in spotting counterfeits. 

What is your refund policy?

You have three days to review the item you’ve purchased on ThinkTrend. If you think the item was misrepresented, snap a couple of photos of the item and send them through our app or website to our support team. If we verify your claim, we’ll send you a return label and refund your payment. You can learn more about what’s covered in our refund policy, here.

Is it safe to ship and receive packages during Covid-19?

Safety is a top concern at ThinkTrend, so we took a look into the guidelines for shipping and receiving packages during this time of a global pandemic. According to guidance from the CDC and the World Health Organization, and the US Surgeon General, it is unlikely that the virus spreads through mail products and packaging. The CDC recommends washing your hands after accepting and opening a package. Learn more here.