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Never Lose Your Items Again With The Fynder GPS Tracker

Losing things can be time-consuming, expensive, and even scary. We're here to help you feel secure again.


The Smart Way to Track Your Items

Purchase a tiny GPS device with FYNDER to help you hold on to the things you value most.

We’ve designed a versatile series of devices to fit your most prized possessions so you can avoid the stress. Purchase your favorite GPS device(s) and download our free FYNDER app to help you track your stuff down.

You'll be able to locate your misplaced items with the push of a button!


Our Products

We offer various GPS devices in ranging shapes and sizes. Browse our Product List and choose the device that's right for you. Heck, you might just end up with one of each! 


The Fixy Sticker

This is our most popular GPS device, today! Simply peel the back off and stick it on anything! It comes in black or white tones and it's the size of a dime. It is completely water-resistant, too.

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The Fynder Magnet

This tiny GPS device is great for anything that’s magnetized. The magnet holds on strongly and is the size of a penny. Stick this onto your keys, electronics, and more! 

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The Fynder Pin

This device is perfect for pinning on clothing, backpacks, or your favorite purse. This device is easily removable or transferrable and completely water-resistant. And it's only the size of a quarter! Just pin and go.

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The Fynder Keychain

This is one of our original devices! It’s versatile, lightweight, and comes in an array of colors. Just hook it onto your item and go! This device is water-resistant and can easily be removed from any item you hook it to. 

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The Fynder Belt

This is our latest invention. The Fitty Belt contains a small GPS tracking device hidden right inside the buckle. You won't even know it's there! We offer the belt in various shapes and sizes to fit just about anyone (even your kids). Choose from one of our 15 different colors or styles. Feel safe and trendy walking out your door with the Fitty Belt!

We are so proud of our newest creation, that we want everyone to have it. Purchase your Fitty Belt today and get 20% off at checkout. 

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How it Works

Does this all sound complicated? Don't worry, it's actually quite simple. Here is the breakdown of the process to get you started.


Step One: Download the App

All of our tiny GPS devices work by pairing them with our free Fynder app. After you've purchased your Fynder GPS device, you can then download the app for your smartphone.


Step 2: Register Your Device(s)

Next, register your Fynder GPS device(s) on the app! You can name each device so you never forget which one is which. This will connect your device to our systems so you can begin.


Step 3: Start Tracking!

Once you've registered your device with the Fynder app, you're ready to get started! You can ping the item you’ve misplaced, track it, and even alert your family, friends, or 911. Feel secure knowing your belongings are a click away!


Hear From Our Customers

“I feel so organized now. I never worry about losing my favorite things because I know Fynder will help me locate them.” - Joel, Chicago, IL

“So pleased with the purchase. I have the sticker and keychain devices. I can’t even remember life before them. I want these on anything and everything!” - Glenn, Sacramento, CA

“I gift these to all my friends because they’re so useful and they really work! Highly recommend them. Love the color variety and options for different items.” - Richard, Phoenix, AZ


Feel Secure With FYNDER

Are you losing things left and right? Our FYNDER GPS devices are here to help you take back control and keep track of the things you value the most. 

Buy now and never lose your wallet or keys again! 

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