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About Fynder:
Helping Millions Track Their Belongings

GPS tracking devices to help you hold on to the things you value most. 


Our Mission

At Fynder, our mission is to reconnect you with your most prized possessions. Our tiny GPS devices are designed to track and locate your misplaced or stolen items. Since 2014, we’ve been at the helm of innovating a series of discrete and secure GPS devices for the most cherished items in your life.


FYNDER's History

Our humble beginnings are rooted in Denver, Colorado, in 2014. At the time, we had a team of 30 people working on designing and testing the ideal discreet GPS tracking devices.

We all knew the pain of losing or spending hours looking for something we cared about like a wallet or keys. We went through hundreds of iterations and we arrived at our best-selling hit “Fixy Sticker” which shipped across the US to thousands of people. 

Our sticker helped people find over 100,000 items that year and today it helps keep track of over 1 million!

With a glass full of gratitude for our growth, we’ve been able to add to our team. Today, we are 200 strong and have expanded our tiny GPS series to include Fitty Belt, Folly Keychain, Fyesta Pin, and Fysti Magnet devices to offer you more versatility in design, weight, and style of keeping your prized possessions safe.

Our devices may be tiny in size, but WOW they are powerful. 


Hear From Our Customers

I’ve added tiny GPS devices to all my favorite things I can’t imagine losing. Wallet, keys, work bag, and even my cat. The variety of designs allows me to add GPS devices to all those items without looking bulky or getting in the way. Even my cat approves of her Folly GPS!” - Laura, Redwood, CA

I love the versatility of designs FYNDER has. I used to spend hours searching for my iPad before getting the Fixy sticker GPS device. Now, I don’t feel anxious about keeping track of it because I know FYNDER can do it for me. It’s one less thing to stress about. I’m getting another Fixy for my AirPods next!” - Sam, Little Rock, AR


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Denver CO, 80201



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