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Walmart CEO Doug McMillon Speaks at CES About the Future of the Company and Positive Change

Doug McMillon, the CEO of Walmart, spoke at CES 2021 about the ongoing changes that are happening for the corporation and its employees. McMillon discussed how the company is committed to pushing for workplace equality and diversity, fighting against climate change, and taking an active role as a leader during the pandemic. Walmart continues to grow as an enterprise and they are developing more technology to keep up with that pace of growth. For more information on how Walmart works with the community, visit 


Bentonville, AR,  January 14, 2021 ‒ Doug McMillon, the CEO of Walmart, was the keynote speaker at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In his segment, he spoke about equality, leadership, managing the pandemic, becoming a regenerative company, and more. 

"There is broad ongoing change happening at Walmart," said Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart. "Not only are we looking at workplace equality and diversity, among other social issues, but we are developing technology to handle the pace of change. The run rate of the company going forward will be faster forever as a result of what's happened."

One of the ways Walmart is looking into making their customers' lives easier is by adding to the Walmart+ program. Customers that subscribe to the service will be able to "scan and go" while shopping at Walmart, enabling them to purchase their products and check out without having to go through the long checkout lines. 

Walmart has also begun distributing Covid-19 vaccines in New Mexico and is working with several other states to start the same process. Their priority during the pandemic is to keep store associates and customers safe, and McMillon applauded store staff for continuing to work during this time. Walmart was able to secure millions of masks for their associates from the beginning, putting the health of its workers at the forefront. 

McMillon also stated that Walmart is being bold and more aggressive on their ever-evolving journey at diversity in the workplace. He believes in going beyond diversity training and has taken his own trips to Montgomery, Alabama to learn about the Civil Rights Movement in order to educate himself. Even as the company's CEO, he recalls times this past year where he didn't know the answer to a question the company was facing. He and his team worked together to find a solution. He believes that delegating and trusting in your team are important qualities that a leader should possess. 

Please visit the corporate website to stay up to date on all Walmart news


Walmart was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and has been helping people save money ever since. The Walmart Foundation was started in 1982 to help support the communities that Walmart serves. The Walmart Foundation, together with Walmart, provides more than $1 billion dollars in cash donations each year. They are focused on areas that need the most assistance, using their strengths and expertise to collaborate with other companies to bring about system-wide change. They create advanced sustainability of supply chains through social and environmental efforts, as well as strengthening the communities they work in by building cohesion and resiliency. 

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Name: Doug McMillon
Organization: Walmart
Address: Walmart, 702 S.W. Eighth St, Bentonville, AR 72716
Phone: 479-273-4000

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