Order Date:
January 18th, 2022
Report Created:
January 19th, 2022
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Backlink Placement Site Requirements
25,000+ Estimated Monthly Visitors
Our Traffic metrics are calculated via Semrush. We factor in desktop and mobile visitors to reach the total estimated monthly visitors.
Anchor Text Target URL
best Tampa neighborhoods https://neighborhoodies.shop/blogs/news/best-tampa-neighborhoods
Link Outreach Strategy

Link outreach is one of the best ways to earn high quality links. We only target high quality websites that are interested in publishing new content and create a piece of valuable content with your link included. With this strategy, everyone wins: The publisher gets a free piece of quality content to add to their site, and you get high quality, in-content link back to your site!

1Research & Outreach

We research & identify high-quality websites and manually outreach to them to pitch a topic they may be interested in publishing.

2Content Development

We craft a piece of high-quality content tailored to the audience of the publisher’s site. Your link is included in the content in a relevant way.


The publisher accepts & publishes the content and your link goes live!

Backlinks Created

Below are the links we acquired as a result of our outreach process. These in-content links are some of the best that you can get, driving natural authority to your site and helping you rank higher.

Total Backlinks
Post and Target URLs Anchor Text Estimated Monthly Visitors Post Date
best Tampa neighborhoods 55,354 January 19th, 2022