Local SEO Report

Report created on February 22nd, 2022

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Business Listings Medium
Current Business Name
Chicken Salad Chick
Business Address
1221 4th St N
St. Petersburg,, FL 33701
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Local SEO Strategy

Our local citation building process is a thoughtful, non-templated campaign composed uniquely for your needs.

In this process, we manually register your business on top directories, increasing your prominence, authority, and generating backlinks to your site.

Using this strategy will help you rank your website, as well as rank in the map pack.

1Order Received

This order has been received successfully and submitted to our Local Team.

2Full Citation Audit

We manually audit your existing citations to see if there are any inconsistencies across the web, or directories that you already have. This helps avoid any duplication.

3Manual Citation Creation

We use multiple strategies to create a custom list of target directories, then our team manually creates the citations.

4Order Complete

We deliver a report with all work done, including logins to all the properties.

Local SEO Report

Below you'll find our transparent report of all the work done, including logins to any properties created.

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Local SEO Report
Created February 22nd, 2022