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YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, so by using SEO-optimized, professional videos, you can take advantage of an entirely new traffic channel! Adding video to your website increases your engagement, dwell time, and your rankings.

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Amazon SEO: 4 Essential Strategies to Rank Your Products

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YouTube Description

You may have a great new product, but if you don't have an Amazon SEO strategy, you'll have a hard time getting sales. But even if you're a seasoned SEO pro, Amazon SEO is different enough that your search engine skills won't always translate. Instead, you'll need to take a different approach. Everything from your product listing to your content optimization affects your overall Amazon SEO score, so you'll need a carefully crafted plan to get ahead. Ready to get started? Then check out this helpful video. We'll explain why Amazon SEO is so important for online retailers and provide four data-backed strategies you can use to improve your search ranking on Amazon. And when you're done watching the video, make sure you head over to the link below for even more SEO-related content:

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Created May 23rd, 2019
Video Title

Amazon SEO: 4 Essential Strategies to Rank Your Products

Video Script

So you have a great product and you can't wait to share it with the world. The problem is, your product is buried in the results pages on Amazon. So keep watching to learn four strategies that can help you improve your discoverability!
The web's largest retailer is becoming a flourishing keyword search beast. So now potential consumers are hiding in plain sight. In fact, some reports show that more people look for a product on Amazon than Google.
For any SEO campaign, keyword research and selection is a critical first step. Amazon Search Autocomplete is a great place to start. Amazon Autocomplete helps consumers find what they want. But it also helps marketers discover dynamic keywords. Another great resource is Soolve, which offers a search engine autocomplete experience from over 15 search engines. And Amazon Quick View is an easy to use Chrome extension. Just hover over a product and a window will pop up with related keywords.
Strategies change a bit when you are doing SEO on Amazon because it is a product finder, not a webpage finder. So you'll want to shift your focus a little to three key areas. The first is your product title, which needs to include the brand name, size, color, product type, and feature. Next up are your backend keywords. Amazon's backend keywords are unique in a few different ways: No repeating keywords for improved density, no commas to separate your list, and no multi-word phrases. For every product you optimize for success on Amazon, make sure your brand name is correctly spelled. This will also help Amazon associate the products you want to sell with other products produced by the same company and increase your exposure in brand filtered results.
Amazon indexes the content in your bullet points, so optimizing them can help improve the relevance and drive up clicks from the results. Try to use one keyword phrase per bullet point and avoid being spammy. Amazon offers two types of product descriptions: Enhanced Brand Content and regular product descriptions. Let your copywriter tackle the enhanced brand while you optimize the regular description. Keyword optimization should be done on both, with priority for visibility in Amazon being placed on the regular description.
Just because you handled every optimization area doesn't necessarily mean you will be permanently set up for success on Amazon. In addition to a well-optimized page, you are also going to need to have competitive pricing, good conversion rates, lots of reviews, and quality images. Even the most skillful SEO won't be able to overcome any lack in those four obstacles, but if you use these tips, you'll increase your chances of ranking in Amazon.
Now you have everything you need to go forth and dominate the Amazon search rankings! But remember, your work is just beginning. Check out our site to learn more about SEO and gain access to some great professional tools to help you beat the competition. And if you liked this video, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe!

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